Thomas Henry Tonic

Thomas Henry Tonic

Bitter is the new sweet. That’s the way the German producers define their product. A product that strives for perfection… All things considered, I can’t say they’re mistaken about their tonic water. Personally, I think that every gin pairs well with a certain (kind of) tonic, but I already need to tell you guys: by using Thomas Henry tonic you can’t go wrong!

A Little bit of Thomas Henry Tonic History

Thomas Henry tonic is named after a well-known pharmacist from Manchester, UK. In 1733, this date can also be found on the bottle, Thomas Henry perfected a way to dissolve carbon dioxide in water (and thus making carbonated drinks). Without Thomas Henry, maybe our favourite drink, the Gin and tonic, would never have existed.

TH tonic water
TH Tonic Water.

Today, the Berlin-based company doesn’t only produce tonic water, but they also have a wide range of other soft drinks such as bitter lemon, ginger ale, elderflower tonic water etc. They clearly focus their soft drinks on an adult audience. It seems that their assortment of mixers are ideal for making cocktails and just for that, TH soft drinks are highly recommended by bartenders all over the world.

Tasting notes

Soft, fresh, light, pure. There are no better words to describe this tonic. A very subtle citrus flavour in combination with a finely balanced sweetness (no added sweeteners!) make for a pleasant drinking experience. On the nose, you’ll get some light floral notes. Moreover, TH tonic bubbles with a stunning vibrancy. It has that typical bitter taste due to its high amount of quinine, which is quite crucial for that extra bit of freshness. In short, by choosing Thomas Henry, you’ll get a neutral, but extremely balanced tonic that mixes great with your favourite gin!

In your Gin & Tonic

Since TH is such a neutral and balanced tonic, it will always ensure that the combined gin will be more pronounced. Aromas and flavours of the gin are expressed much better, without being overwhelmed by the tonic. TH combines perfectly with a large number of gins, such as Geranium Gin, G’Vine, FG 20-3, Aviation gin, Hendrick’s gin and Martin Miller’s to name but a few.

Geranium Gin & TH Tonic in the making.
Geranium Gin & TH Tonic in the making.

Forget ordinary Schweppes tonic at the local supermarket and go for a quality product with style and class to serve your GT’s. Tonic still is the ingredient that is present in a large amount (minimum 100 mL tonic on 5 cl gin) in your gin & tonic!

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