Thompson’s Gin & Tonic Recipe

Thompson’s Gin & Tonic Recipe

It’s the Holiday season! Christmas trees are sprouting up everywhere and the festivities are about the start. Some people say: “No Martini Gin & Tonic, no party!”, something I can’t argue with… So let me serve you a great one. This recipe will be the last for this year, ’cause we’re taking some time off. Not to sit on our lazy asses, but to lay the final hands on our crazy project: The Gincubator Store, A Gin & Tonic Online store, providing exclusive (Belgian) gins (and tonics) to your doorstep. Today’s Gin & Tonic recipe features one of these exclusive gins: Thompson’s Bordelais Gin, a lovely gin, filled with flavour and elegance. Hope you’ll enjoy it. Cheers!


What Do You Need for a Great Thompson’s Gin & Tonic?

–     A balloon glass, filled with ice (2/3)
–     5 cL Thompson Bordelais Gin
–     One piece of mandarin orange zest
–     Some juniper berries
–     Schweppes Premium Mixer: Orange Blossom & Lavender

Thompson’s Gin & Tonic: A Perfect Serve

Take a large balloon glass and fill it up with ice (use a lot, about 2/3 of the glass). Stir the ice inside the glass to let it cool (you can use a bar spoon for this). Remove any excess water with a cocktail strainer. Add the mandarin orange zest together with a couple of dried juniper berries. Don’t forget to add 5 cL of Thompson’s Bordelais Gin to your glass! Next, add a half bottle of Schweppes Premium Mixer: Orange Blossom & Lavender. Try doing this at the edge of your glass, but you can also use a bar spoon for this. Just try to keep the bubbles of your tonic in stead of pouring in the tonic all at once and lose any sparkling sensation while drinking your GT. Cheers!

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