Père Albert Gin & Tonic

The Fresh, yet Spicy One

We haven’t released our Père Albert gin review yet, but that’s no excuse for us to not present you our perfect serve. This recipe is something we haven’t quite served before. It contains a lot of spice and yet it tastes very fresh. Maybe this gin-tonic is not for everyone, but I think you should try it out nonetheless. People who already subscribed to our newsletter will receive another Père Albert Gin & Tonic recipe next Wednesday. Not subscribed yet? Just leave your name and e-mail in the sidebar to your right. And now, our signature recipe!


What do you need for your perfect Père Albert serve?

–     A balloon glass with lots of ice
–     5 cL Père Albert Gin (1.7 oz)
–     Lemon Grass
–     A couple of coriander seeds
–     Schweppes Premium Mixer: Ginger & Cardamom Tonic Water


The Père Albert Gin & Tonic Recipe

Take a large balloon glass and fill it up with ice (use a lot, about 2/3 of the glass). Stir the ice inside the glass to let it cool. Remove any excess water, you can use a cocktail strainer for this. Put in the lemon grass and some coriander seeds (but not too much!). If you like to enhance the lemon grass flavour in your GT, just split it in two. After adding 5 cL Père Albert Gin, give it a stir so that all the flavours can start to mingle. Add 125 ml of the Schweppes Ginger & Cardamom tonic water. Try doing this at the edge of your glass, but you can also use a bar spoon for this. Just try to keep the bubbles of your tonic in stead of pouring in the tonic all at once and lose any sparkling sensation while drinking your GT. The spiciness of the coriander seeds and the herbal freshness of the lemon grass combine wonderfully with Père Albert.




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