Mayfair Gin

Mayfair Gin

This time we’re going to talk about a classic London-Dry-style gin: Mayfair Gin from the heart of London. Indeed, it’s one of those few gins that are being produced in London itself. That’s why “Mayfair” is a nice reference to the Westminster district in London. Mayfair Gin is distilled using only five botanicals: juniper, coriander seeds, angelica, savoury and orris root. Everything is hand-picked (as is mentioned on the bottle) and yes, it certainly contributes to the wonderful end result that is inside the bottle. 🙂


A Little Something about Mayfair Gin

This Gin is being distilled for over 300 years by the Thames Distillers, now, the only independent distillery in London. It is still run by the same family and the current CEO, Charles Maxwell, is now already the eighth generation that runs the distillery. Mayfair gin is produced in 500 liter copper still, gently called “Thumbelina”. Small batch gins make for better gins and this is definitely the case for their Mayfair gin.


Tasting Notes

In the aroma: lots of juniper. However, you can notice some herbal/spicy notes here and there (orris root?). Quite the earthy experience on the nose. Clearly we’re off to a great start! On the taste, Mayfair Gin is quite soft and creamy with an emphasis on juniper. After the abundance of juniper, you’ll start noticing spiciness (pepper, coriander), which results in a fiery tasting experience. Probably the 43% alcohol will also have something to with it. 🙂

This gin ends with a long (and even a floral) finish. In a nut-shell, this Mayfair Gin is well-balanced with an elegant complexity. Besides the fact that we cannot fully classify this gin as a “classic” London Dry gin (because of its very light citrus content), it will be very much to the taste of my fellow gin lovers! It remains a nice gin and all in a beautiful bottle. A great gin in a beautiful bottle!

Everything about this gin breathes quality, a premium – London Dry – gin, with a little spiciness to it.


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