Gin Sea

For this premium gin we’ll have to visit our good friends in Spain, one of the biggest gin countries in the world! Gin Sea is the creation of the famous sommelier Manuel Barrientos and is therefore by definition a Spanish (London dry style) gin. Manuel got his inspiration from Galicia where he, together with more than 100 professionals, perfected the complex creation process of his gin. Manuel baptised his gin with the name “Gin Sea” and today it’s being distilled at Manuel Hacha, one of the oldest distilleries in the Basque country and in Europe.


A little bit of history

In London, Manuel Barrientos buys a grain spirit that is distilled five times. From this, he makes his distinctive gin. During production, no less than ten different botanicals are used: juniper, cardamom, cilantro, thyme, bitter chamomile, licorice, peppermint, lemon and sweet and bitter orange peel. All of these are macerated separately in this neutral grain spirit. Afterwards, a mixture of these macerations is distilled three times. Distillation takes place in an old Hervé & Moulin (Bordeaux) pot still, which is active since 1890 (as mentioned on the label of the gin).


Tasting notes

First things first! Time to get a good sense of the aromas. It’s immediately clear, this one has a lot of freshness to it. Mint is quite pronounced in the aroma, but not overwhelming. Overall the aroma remains quite soft due to the combination of sweeter elements in this gin: orange zest and licorice. Some even say it has a maritime character, not untrue I have to say! Can’t wait to taste this one. The sweet aroma of the orange peel is also found in the flavour of this gin, although cardamom and chamomile are a bit more pronounced. It feels really smooth on the tongue, definitely not what I expected from the freshness of the aroma. Gin Sea finishes off with some herbal notes in which thyme is clearly present. A fine product!

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