Geranium Gin

Geranium Gin

Geranium Gin. A quest for the perfect gin. That was the ultimate goal of Henrik Hammer and his father. A pure Danish gin that combines a dry flavour with an intense aroma was born. Hammer & son called their child: ‘Geranium Gin‘. The love for gin began early in Henrik’s life. Maybe it was because of the fact that his mother ran a famous gin bar in Copenhagen… Geranium Gin is pure London Dry style gin that already won the gold medal at the 2014 WSWA Spirits Tasting Competition.


A Little bit of Geranium Gin history

In the early days, the range of different gins was a lot more limited. That gave Henrik an idea. He started to think of other ways to create a gin that had a broader base than merely juniper. Geranium provided the solution. Together with his father’s chemical background, they analysed geranium leaves and extracted the essential oils from them. They found out that the core of geranium extract are also present in citrus fruits and juniper berries. Clear evidence (or at least theoretically) that geranium and juniper are a very good mix. Besides geranium, Henrik and his father also included other botanicals such as coriander, lemon peel, angelica, orris root (Iris Germanica), cinnamon, orange, licorice and some other secret ingredients. All of them were macerated for 48 hours in a neutral grain distillate. Afterwards, a mixture of all these macerations were again distilled in a copper pot still that carries the name ‘Constance’. All of this is done in collaboration with Langley’s Distillery in Birmingham, England (they also produce other products such as Martin Miller’s Gin). Once distilled, the spirit is shipped to the Thames Distillery (also well known because of their Mayfair Gin) for bottling. Geranium gin truly is a product driven by teamwork, passion and enthusiasm of father and son. Knowing that Henrik’s father passed away before the very first bottle of Geranium Gin was ever made, makes it quite a sad story… As a reminder of their combined effort, the label ‘Hammer & Son’ is printed on every bottle.


Geranium Gin Tasting Notes

 This is clear from the beginning: it’s got a very floral aroma, combined with dry and earthy juniper. Perhaps it’s not that easy to distinguish the scent of geranium with that of rose petals, but at least one thing is certain: it smells fantastic! After the ‘floral punch’, tradition comes up. You’ll notice that juniper blends very well with the essential oils from the Danish geranium plant. But I’ve rambled enough about the aroma’s. Time to taste! Surprisingly, geranium gin tends more to a classic London dry gin when tasted: juniper and subtle citrus notes. It’s quite dry, but the combination with floral notes is not lost. The words ‘fresh’ and ‘soft’ immediately comes to mind and grasp this gin nicely. Well balanced and complex is the final conclusion, with a long and lovely finish. This one is absolutely great, so don’t miss out on it! If you tried it yourself, be sure to leave us a comment below.

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