Gentle Gin Review, A Saffron infused Gin from Berlin

Gentle Gin Review, A Saffron infused Gin from Berlin

It’s been a while since Stanislav Bic, founder of BerlinSpiceMan and driving force behind Gentle Gin, sent me a little e-mail with the question if I knew about his gin. Since it’s a local product product from Berlin, I had never heard of it, let alone given it a taste. And before I knew, I got my very own bottle. Thanks Stanislav! Without further ado, let me tell you something more about this unique product from Berlin that carries the name Gentle Gin


A Little Bit About Gentle Gin

Gentle gin is definitely a new-world gin, very modern-style and a saffron infusion gives Gentle Gin its distinct character. Gentle gin is distilled from finely brewed, small batch hand crafted alcohol, from local German grain. Double distillation in a traditional hand hammered copper still by master distiller and horticultural expert Marcus O’Shea, gives Gentle Gin its characteristic flavour palate. Between distillations, the spirit is triple filtered using Gentle Gin’s special gravity filter, producing an unbelievably smooth base spirit that blends perfectly with high quality botanical ingredients, directly sourced from carefully selected farmers.

“An Indian inspired blend of Turmeric root, Coriander seed, Juniper and Grapefruit peel,
plus a secret additional herb grown personally by the crew of Gentle Gin,
are infused through a second distillation and finished of with a cold infusion of saffron,
creating a rich and gentle golden gin.”


Gentle Gin Tasting Notes

First things first. Due to the cold infusion of saffron, Gentle Gin has a bright yellow/golden colour, almost as if it’s luminescent. Lots of saffron and fresh citrusy notes (from the lemon verbena) are present inside the aroma. Not really getting any juniper here. What I can say, is that apart from all the saffron & citrus force, the whole has quite a full aroma, without being too sharp. Oh, but wait, at the end, I do get some juniper notes. I’m actually quite curious to see where this is going… 🙂

While tasting, one can (initially) notice rather strong flavours. Again, lots of saffron (but I guess this is the whole point of Gentle Gin) in combination with soft juniper. Next, you’ll be able to taste some citrus (yes, the lemon verbena). At the end, Gentle gin really opens up all its flavours. Deep, warm earthy notes in combination with saffron. “Special” is an understatement here. Very different and very daring, maybe not for everybody, but nonetheless a gin that you should definitely try. Stanislav has clearly put his own touch to this gin and that’s something we can only admire! 🙂

Even while I’m finishing up these tasting notes, I’m still tasting the flavour of Gentle Gin, that’s a right, a very long finish, and most of all: full-bodied. I’m really stoked to combine this one in a Gin & tonic, but that’s a tale I will keep for another time…




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